Drs. Todd Lanman and Jason Cuellar complete debut 2-level disc replacement with M6

Todd Lanman, MD, and Jason Cuellar, MD, PhD, of Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Lanman Spine Neurosurgery successfully performed the first spine procedures with Orthofix’s M6-C device.


Three insights:


1. Dr. Lanman previously performed the first artificial disc replacement with M6 in the U.S., while Dr. Cuellar assisted him in the completion of the first two-level artificial disc replacement.


2. The device features a compressible viscoelastic core, allowing for natural movement similar to that of a cervical disc. It treats patients suffering from debilitating neck pain due to degenerative disc disease.


3. Dr. Lanman has published several peer-reviewed articles on artificial cervical discs and is an associate clinical professor at University of California Los Angeles.