Anti-Aging Medicine

Aging management medicine is a relatively new and emerging speciality in the treatment of the aging process.

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As we age, our muscular mass tends to decline, our fat mass tends to increase, we gain more fatigue, we get thicker through the waist, and many of our social drives are lessened. This leads to a less active and functional lifestyle. When Dr. Lanman treats the spine and spinal conditions, it is imperative that your entire physical condition be assessed. This includes your nutritional status, your exercise status, as well as your hormone levels.

The start of your aging management assessment will include a blood test, which involves screening cardiovascular lipids, as well as reviewing kidney function, thyroid function, pituitary gland function, adrenal function, and gonadal function. All are very important for muscle, fat, and bone health.

Anti-Aging Doctor

There are several different hormones that Dr. Lanman often evaluates, as well as evaluating your muscle condition and muscles around the spine. It is unequivocally clear in the literature with statistically significant proven data that maintaining good levels of certain hormones in men and women, as well as supplementing with various kinds of scientifically proven beneficial supplements, we can help significantly reduce osteoporotic risk fracture. We can improve bone health muscle mass as well as lower overall cancer rates in different subsets of patients.

Aging Management

Aging management medicine is frequently incorporated by Dr. Lanman as it helps optimize your results. This enables you to be fit, stronger with more energy, more active, and get your life back, making it greater than better.

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