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November 28,2023

What Are The 4 Stages of Degenerative Disc Disease?

Introduction Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is a common spinal condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Understanding the progression of DDD through its various stages is crucial for effective management and treatment. Dr. Todd Lanman, a distinguished authority in the field of spinal surgery with decades of experience, offers valuable insights into DDD. In this

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November 21,2023

5 Long-Term Effects of a Herniated Disc: Why Treatment Matters

A herniated disc is a common and often painful condition that can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Seeking timely treatment for this condition is essential for finding relief, preventing further damage, and maintaining overall well-being. Dr. Todd Lanman, a distinguished expert in spinal surgery with decades of experience, is here to shed light on

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November 17,2023

Road to Recovery: How Soon Can You Drive After Back Surgery?

Driving is often synonymous with independence and freedom. However, after undergoing back surgery, the idea of getting behind the wheel cause some apprehension. Dr. Todd Lanman, a seasoned expert in spinal surgery, understands the importance of addressing these concerns. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of post-surgery recovery, he provides

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Becker Spine Review
October 17,2023

‘Spine Surgery Seems to Be in a Golden Age’: The Trends Generating the Most Buzz

From motion-preserving techniques to advanced navigation technologies, there are multiple emerging trends in spine surgery.   Several spine surgeons shared the trends that have their attention.   Question: What trends in spine surgery excite you most?   Todd Lanman, MD. ADR Spinal Restoration Center (Beverly Hills, Calif.): Spine surgery seems to be in a golden

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Becker Spine Review
September 25,2023

When the Spine Surgeon Becomes the Patient: 4 Insights

Spine surgeons spend the majority of their days taking care of patients. But what happens when they’re the one who’s injured?   Four spine surgeons shared their experiences as orthopedic patients throughout their lives and how their physicians left an impression on them.   Question: Think about a time in your life when you were

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September 20,2023

Introducing the ADR Spine Top Doctors in Arthroplasty Program: Pioneering the Future of Spinal Health

Dr. Todd H. Lanman is pleased to announce the official launch of the ADR Spine Top Doctors in Arthroplasty Program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to connect patients with the most skilled and experienced artificial disc replacement surgeons in their area.   Artificial disc replacement, or simply ADR, has emerged as the leading surgical solution for individuals

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September 22,2023

46 YO Physician Had a Degenerative Disc 5 Years Ago

46 YO physician had a degenerative disc 5 years ago. Back pain refractory to conservative therapy. The doctor appropriately checked the facets which you see in the first picture and they are healthy. She is a good candidate for disc replacement. Her facets became arthritic at the index level. L5-S1 over several years and pain

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September 01,2022

Real World Evidence (RWE) Lumbar Fusion Study

Join the Real World Evidence (RWE) Lumbar Fusion Study that provides patients in need of spinal fusion surgery with expert surgeons and an elevated post-care experience.

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July 21,2022

3Spine, Inc. Announces IDE Approval

3Spine, Inc., a medical device company developing total joint replacement for the lumbar spine, today announced FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval for their US pivotal clinical trial. The company previously completed contracting and site initiation at 16 US centers for a prospective real-world evidence (RWE) fusion study, which has been enrolling since May 2021. As

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