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April 01,2024

Signs a Herniated Disc is Healing

Most people who experience a herniated disc will improve with time. A herniated disc may not technically heal completely, but it can shrink and/or become less painful. However, how do you know if your herniated disc is healing? What are the signs that it is not? Dr. Todd Lanman addresses these and other important questions

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March 07,2024

Things to Avoid When Living With Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease can be a painful and frustrating condition, but understanding the link between your lifestyle and your spine health can empower you to take control. This article dives into all sides of the coin: what foods to avoid and what exercises to steer clear of to minimize pain, and what habits and lifestyle

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March 01,2024

Can Bad Posture Cause Back Pain?

Ever feel a twinge in your back after a long day hunched over your desk? It’s not just a coincidence! Understanding the direct link between bad posture and back pain is crucial for maintaining a healthy spine. This article delves deeper into this connection, exploring the specific ways poor posture can strain your muscles, joints,

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Becker Spine Review
April 15,2024

How Spine Surgeons Will Look Back at the Industry in 2034

Ten years ago, spine surgeons were expecting outpatient spine surgery and image-guided navigation to become more prevalent in a decade.   Now spine surgeons are thinking about how today’s state of the industry will be looked back on in 2034.   Question: How will spine surgeons in 10 years look at the current state of

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April 08,2024

Dr. Todd Lanman Brings Innovative Spinal Care and Artificial Disc Replacement to Qatar

Dr. Todd H. Lanman, the founder of Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center and globally recognized spinal neurosurgeon, has announced an exciting collaboration with The View Hospital in Qatar. Through a combined program of on-site visits and telemedicine, Dr. Lanman will bring elite spinal care to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration highlights Dr. Lanman’s

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March 05,2024

Dr. Lanman Featured on Episode of The Family Stallone

In a recent episode of “The Family Stallone” on Paramount+, Dr. Lanman is honored to take care of his patient and friend Sylvester Stallone. He is doing great 6 months post-surgery after a successful microdiscectomy. Dr. Lanman removed a large herniated disc fragment, and he is now pain-free.   Watch the full episode on Season

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February 15,2024

Prosthesis Design and Likelihood of Achieving Physiological Range of Motion After Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

The functional goals of cervical disc arthroplasty (CDA) are to restore enough range of motion (ROM) to reduce the risk of accelerated adjacent segment degeneration but limit excessive motion to maintain a biomechanically stable index segment. This motion-range is termed the “Physiological mobility range.” Clinical studies report postoperative ROM averaged over all study subjects but they do not report what proportion of reconstructed segments yield ROM in the Physiological mobility range following CDA surgery.

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December 13,2023

Range of Motion After 1, 2, and 3 Level Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

Motion of a solid body involves translation and rotation. Few investigations examine the isolated translational and rotational components associated with disc arthroplasty devices. This study investigates single- and multi-level cervical disc arthroplasty with respect to index and adjacent level range of motion. The investigators hypothesized that single- and multilevel cervical disc replacement will lead to comparable or improved motion at implanted and adjacent levels.

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September 22,2023

46 YO Physician Had a Degenerative Disc 5 Years Ago

46 YO physician had a degenerative disc 5 years ago. Back pain refractory to conservative therapy. The doctor appropriately checked the facets which you see in the first picture and they are healthy. She is a good candidate for disc replacement. Her facets became arthritic at the index level. L5-S1 over several years and pain

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