4D Health

It is important to evaluate not simply the spine, but the whole person and the life and world they live in. This is the fourth dimension.

How It Works

Dr. Lanman will assess your body mass, your fat mass, your bones, and muscular mass. We will review your current exercise program with nutrition as well as making long-term goals regarding your spinal condition. Taking care of the fourth dimension of your health involves asking you about your activities, the things you like to do outside of work and evaluating what type of work you do, your relationships, your travel, your schedules, your nutrition status, your cardiovascular exercise and general exercise, and hormone management. All of these aspects combine to help us provide the proper recommendations for your treatment to return you back to the lifestyle that you once had and to make your life greater than better.

Why It’s Important

The founding father of neurosurgery Harvey Cushing said sixty years ago: “A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more even than the whole man, he must view the man in his world.” Dr. Lanman has taken that and made that a central part of his process, looking at how you live your life and how do we treat your lifestyle. Your spine is the center of your body. All of the nerves and all of your limbs attach to your spine. If we maintain a healthy functional mobile spine, we can maintain a healthy mobile functional body.

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