ADR innovator Todd Lanman becomes first in US to perform reversal of prior 3-level cervical fusion

Artificial disc replacement innovator Dr Todd H Lanman, founder of the national ADR Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center in the US, has become the first spinal neurosurgeon in the US to restore motion at three contiguous levels of a patient’s cervical spine.


Thanks to a breakthrough new procedure conceived by Dr Lanman, which he has termed ‘Restorative Motion Surgery,’ his 60-year-old patient went from years of excruciating pain, physical therapy, injections, stem cell therapy, traction, high dose narcotic medications, and severe limited range of motion in her neck to regaining nearly full mobility in her neck.


This patient had previously been fused through multiple surgeries extending from her cervical 2 vertabrae to her cervical 7. Since her most recent surgery two and a half years ago, her pain had been increasing and radiating down her left arm. She had also been experiencing numbness and weakness.



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