Chief Artificial Disc Replacement Innovator Dr. Todd Lanman Selected as Los Angeles’ Premier Provider of New FDA-Approved Anatomical M6 Cervical Disc Device

Dr. Lanman to begin implanting M6 device in patients suffering from cervical disc degeneration as soon as June.

Los Angeles spinal neurosurgeon Dr. Todd H. Lanman continues to be at the forefront of spinal artificial disc replacement technology, once again leading the release of a new FDA-approved disc replacement device with the M6-C, a device with the first-ever viscoelastic core, which for the first time will mimic the natural structure and movement of a human’s cervical disc.


The founder of Beverly Hills-based practice Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery (http://www.spine.md), Dr. Lanman has been hand-selected as the premier provider in Greater Los Angeles and is expected to begin implanting this highly-advanced cervical disc replacement device in patients suffering from cervical disc degeneration disease as soon as June.


The currently available FDA approved artificial discs do not have compressibility like a normal human disc does, as they have been created with materials such as metals, ceramics and hard plastics. The M6-C by Orthofix is unique in that it mirrors the nuanced movement and normal compression of an anatomic cervical disc since the core of the M6 acts like a cushion just like a normal human disc.


At the 24-month mark, clinical patient outcomes have shown the M6-C device to demonstrate a statistically superior clinical improvement in the Neck Disability Index in 90.5 percent of patients, and nearly the same percentage (91.2 percent) in arm pain score, according to a U.S. Investigational Device Exemption study.


Says Dr. Lanman, “Of all the clinical trials for which I have served as the principal investigator of artificial discs in the cervical spine, patients have shown the most enthusiasm about the M6 disc because of the normal compressibility and motion that the core of the disc provides, which mimics a normal human disc.”


The world of artificial disc replacement continues to march forward, providing an increased number of options for those looking to preserve movement and function at any age – and Dr. Lanman remains thoroughly committed to much of this innovation, most recently having been in the news cycle for leading similar advancements.


Last year, he became the first U.S. spine surgeon to begin offering a new procedure restoring movement, previously limited or completely restricted by those with one or more levels of fusion in the cervical spine, through the removal of such fusions and implantation of artificial disc replacement devices.


The year prior, he appeared on CBS’ popular medical talk show “The Doctors” to reveal for the first time ever before a national audience a state-of-the-art two-level artificial disc replacement procedure using the Prestige LP device, for which he presided over its clinical trial as principal investigator leading to its FDA approval. The findings he released in the seven-year outcome released by the Journal of Neurosurgery demonstrated this procedure to be statistically superior to that of fusion, and relatively pain-free with rapid recovery time.


This initial release of the M6-C device gives those suffering from cervical disc degeneration the chance to receive unparalleled care, relieving them of pain and restoring them to nearly or completely full motion and mobility with a more naturally moving disc device.


As the leading specialist in the advancement of spinal health and surgery, total disc replacement and motion preservation for more than three decades, many of Dr. Lanman’s patients include high-profile business leaders and executives, celebrities from the worlds of film, television, theater and music, and renowned sports players, who often travel from thousands of miles to receive his highly developed and superior medical care.


Dr. Todd H. Lanman’s award-winning practice in the heart of Beverly Hills is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center.


Lanman has published nearly a dozen peer-reviewed articles, as well as book chapters on topics relating to his area of medical expertise, and serves as a frequent media educator and contributor. In 2018, he was honored with the title of ‘Leader in Health Care’ by the Los Angeles Business Journal, taking home the prestigious award at the 2018 Health Care Leadership Forum & Awards.

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