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Dr. Todd Lanman Presents Breakthrough in Total Disc Replacement

Todd Lanman, MD, a neurosurgeon at ADR Spinal Restoration Center in Beverly Hills, Calif., has performed a breakthrough case in motion restoration for the spine.


Dr. Lanman has presented a series of cases in which patients with failed and solid spinal fusions had successful total disc replacements, something previously considered impossible.


In one case, Dr. Lanman performed multilevel artificial disc replacement surgery on a patient with chronic neck pain and limited range of motion following a spinal fusion. A year after the disc replacement, the patient reported reduced pain and increased range of motion.


Dr. Lanman presented a seminar on the procedure, and procedures like it, with the help of surgeons Jack Zigler, MD, Richard Guyer, MD, Scott Blumenthal, MD, and Jens Chapman, MD, according to a Jan. 30 press release.



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