World-Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr Todd Lanman Successfully Performs Laminectomy Surgery at the View Hospital

The View Hospital which is in affiliation with Cedars-Sinai announces the recent visit of the world renowned spinal neurosurgeon Dr. Todd Lanman from Beverly Hills – U.S.A. who successfully performed a laminectomy procedure.


The procedure was performed by a team of 15 medical staff members led by Dr. Todd Lanman who is recognized for his work on the advancement of total disc replacement surgery and motion preservation. Dr. Lanman has a track record of 5000 laminectomy procedures.


The patient was able to walk normally without feeling any pain, just one hour after the surgery. He was discharged on the same day and his medical condition is currently monitored by a specialized team.


The visit of Dr. Lanman to The View Hospital reflects the hospital’s commitment to bringing world-class doctors from around the globe to Qatar as part of the visiting doctors’ program.


The View Hospital is a modern healthcare institution that focuses on world-class clinical excellence with a mission to become the hospital of choice, providing, the highest, measurable care to visitors. Building on its clinical excellence, and international partnership approach, The View Hospital delivers outstanding clinical expertise, through highly experienced multi-disciplinary professional teams and systems.


Visitors will experience a quality-of-care equivalent to or exceeding, that of the very best hospitals around the world. With 240 single private suites, 12 operating rooms, and 20 Intensive Care beds, The View Hospital provides primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services.


The Operating Rooms are equipped with the most advanced technology, providing the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery and imaging during the operations. The View Hospital is also equipped with the Da Vinci and Artis pheno robotic equipment that translates into faster, more precise surgeries with fewer complications resulting in a faster recovery.


The View Hospital currently offers primary, secondary and tertiary treatment in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Emergency Medicine, ENT, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Neonatology, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Pulmonology and Urology.


The Diagnostic Imaging Department will have the first private nuclear medicine department in Qatar, with a 3T MRI and Open MRI, a state-of-the-art 256 CT Scanner, and all standard imaging modalities. There is also a dedicated second CT Scanner and X-Ray imaging room located directly in the Emergency Department. Similarly, the Pharmacy and Laboratory Departments are both designed with robotic technology to dispense medications and provide automated blood tests. This technology is in line with the highest quality and global safety standards for patients.


The View Hospital was developed by Elegancia Healthcare, a subsidiary of the publicly listed Estithmar Holding, Q.P.S.C.



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